What is the 'Great Work'? | How can you support it?


The concept of a 'Great Work' is nothing new.

Every generation, there is a small group of people who bring forth an enhanced level of knowledge and understanding.

This leads to a paradigm shift and usually changes the course of human development.

Vigilant America has taken on the responsibility to compile the 'Great Work' of our era.

We have 1000's of articles, videos, slideshows, dossiers, and image galleries that have never been seen by the public.

The major social platforms have already tried to destroy our campaigns, but we are still here.

We have created a global network of websites that will publish and distribute our content using advanced SEO and targeting.

Our network of contributors and sponsors is continually growing.

All we need now is input from YOU!

You can show your love and support for our efforts in a few ways:


  1. Add the hashtags #theVAwave and #cash4video to your posts, comments, etc on social media.

  2. Listen, follow, and share the Sunday Money School Podcast.

  3. Invite friends to the streaming community. Create an account at alpha.matchremote.work. Your referral link is at the bottom of the page.

  4. Join the Facebook group, share the videos, leave, comments, and help us grow! 

Financial Support

  1. Schedule a Quick Chat about one of the videos or articles. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/visionj

  2. Make a financial contribution to our Paypal or Cash App.

  3. Buy into our decentralized ad network. Learn about Prepaid Advertisement Tokens here. Text or e-mail when you are ready to buy 602-899-0266 or visionj@yandex.com

Yes, in order to fulfill our mission, WE NEED YOUR HELP!


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