The universe works in mysterious ways.
I woke up at 4:00 am this morning and was ready to start my day.
To help me wake up, I started scrolling down my Facebook timeline.
I came across a video of a young lady who I had seen many times before.
She is well spoken and very pretty.
But her message lacks logic or focus.
I think she is wasting her talent by trading her time for a few CashApp donations.
Words are divisive and depressing.
She creates content that Facebook gladly shares all over their closed network.
For some reason, ALL of the major websites want confusion to spread like viruses.
This is one of the main reasons I must spread my message via in-person meetings, direct mail marketing, and grassroots resonance.
There is no possible way I can compete with the layers of chaos on social media.
I actually am ready to go a step further.
I want to remove myself completely from the man-made, corrupt, matrix.
This is officially my transformation from Profit to Prophet.
I'm no longer concerned with sales numbers, quotas, and revenue projections.
My job is to compile/distribute the information, connect with the community, and explore the limits of the true and living Articulated Design.
Anything else is just a distraction...
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