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    The universe works in mysterious ways.
    I woke up at 4:00 am this morning and was ready to start my day.
    To help me wake up, I started scrolling down my Facebook timeline.
    I came across a video of a young lady who I had seen many times before.
    She is well spoken and very pretty.
    But her message lacks logic or focus.
    I think she is wasting her talent by trading her time for a few CashApp donations.
    Words are divisive and depressing.
    She creates content that Facebook gladly shares all over their closed network.
    For some reason, ALL of the major websites want confusion to spread like viruses.
    This is one of the main reasons I must spread my message via in-person meetings, direct mail marketing, and grassroots resonance.
    There is no possible way I can compete with the layers of chaos on social media.
    I actually am ready to go a step further.
    I want to remove myself completely from the man-made, corrupt, matrix.
    This is officially my transformation from Profit to Prophet.
    I'm no longer concerned with sales numbers, quotas, and revenue projections.
    My job is to compile/distribute the information, connect with the community, and explore the limits of the true and living Articulated Design.
    Anything else is just a distraction...
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  • What is the 'Great Work'? | How can you support it?


    The concept of a 'Great Work' is nothing new.

    Every generation, there is a small group of people who bring forth an enhanced level of knowledge and understanding.

    This leads to a paradigm shift and usually changes the course of human development.

    Vigilant America has taken on the responsibility to compile the 'Great Work' of our era.

    We have 1000's of articles, videos, slideshows, dossiers, and image galleries that have never been seen by the public.

    The major social platforms have already tried to destroy our campaigns, but we are still here.

    We have created a global network of websites that will publish and distribute our content using advanced SEO and targeting.

    Our network of contributors and sponsors is continually growing.

    All we need now is input from YOU!

    You can show your love and support for our efforts in a few ways:

    For FREE!

    1. Add the hashtags #theVAwave and #cash4video to your posts, comments, etc on social media.

    2. Listen, follow, and share the Sunday Money School Podcast.

    3. Invite friends to the streaming community. Create an account at Your referral link is at the bottom of the page.

    4. Join the Facebook group, share the videos, leave, comments, and help us grow! 

    Financial Support

    1. Schedule a Quick Chat about one of the videos or articles.

    2. Make a financial contribution to our Paypal or Cash App.

    3. Buy into our decentralized ad network. Learn about Prepaid Advertisement Tokens here. Text or e-mail when you are ready to buy 602-899-0266 or

    Yes, in order to fulfill our mission, WE NEED YOUR HELP!


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  • Submit your content to generate passive income on this site

    You may have noticed we have disabled website registration and user account registration.

    We would love to add new content contributors, but we have to get to know you 1st.

    If you wish submit content to us, join the Facebook group.

    Introduce yourself with by posting a live video in the timeline.

    If we like your energy, we will contact you with the next steps in the process of becoming a content partner.


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  • Have you been Facebooked?


    If you have never heard of the term Facebooked, here is a working definition:

    Noun: The act of being unfairly banned, suspended, or restricted in any way. This usually occurs on social media websites such as Facebook.

    Verb: To use a position of influence to unfairly ban, suspend, or restrict the online activity of an individual.

    Example: The forum mod Facebooked me yesterday simply for asking a question!

    The #facebooked project is an online series that will delve into the lives of those who have suffered from the abusive tactics of the world's most popular social media sites.

    If you have been affected by this type of online bullying, we want to hear your stories!

    Please leave us a message or text with details of your situation.


    If we use your content, we will pay you!

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  • Why Facebook banned the Match Remote Work project.


    Facebook has been a thorn in my side for almost 6 years.

    Unfortunately, it is a very popular thorn.

    There is only one reason these acts of virtual violence keep occurring.

    My business models, technology, and magnetism is a threat to their power and authority.

    I figured out their mode of operations and I was sharing my info with the world.

    Unfortunately, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc are ALL working together!

    (I have no concrete proof, but my circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.)

    From now on, details about my tech projects will only be discussed by those who are working on the project or those who have invested money in ad blocks.

    If you wish to discuss any of these topics in depth, you can buy me a coffee and we will schedule a time to chat. 

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